Hi, welcome to my site. Call me Gerald.

This website was started by my father, Jerry Croteau.

He wrote a paperback book called The Business Internet, and knew that having a website was the first part of starting a business. Whether or not you put up pictures and a phone number and call it marketing, or you go through the trouble to get your own email address like There is a lot you can do with a website. Someday, even services like will allow you receive personal and business payments to your connected self-custody wallet.

But, the first step to a website is to pick your combination of words. Like carweb dot com. The word you pick before or after the dot, are highly customizable, but some are easier to spell, or more well known, like dot com, so many clever ones will already be taken. But new ones open up all the time, maybe even yourcarshop.carweb will be an option someday!

My dream is to help network cars (think of the license plate) to unlock remarkable fuel saving features such as platooning. Imagine birds in migration taking turns to break the wind.

Networked platoons also gain leverage to economically negotiate with urban infrastructure like traffic lights and toll booths, to bring logic and AI to transportation and logistics.

We live on a finite planet, and technology can minimize our ecological footprint, while maximizing the human benefits. But behind each application, or digital identity, is a website. From this web server, I can host a company or family email account, serve up apps, like calendar, or file sharing, or host a blog, business titles and records, and even permanently archive my data with a NAS. And there are simple instructions to follow along, so while I look like a Sys Admin from the outside, I am just part of a family that passes down knowledge as we pick it up over the years.

I created American Stonecraft ® and you can read my resume at, or find my blog at Email me at

This email list is for people who want 1 on 1 help registering a website. I send out the basics and if you have follow up questions there is a way to respond for individual support.


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