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My name is Gerald Croteau and I am 50/50 partners on this amazing digital asset called Carweb.com. URL technology is a borderless computer architecture building standard that enables computers to connect with each other, anywhere in the world.

The original founder of this website is my father, Jerry Croteau, author of The Business Internet, who once spoke to XX,XXX sized crowds in multiple cities around the world, such as Mexico City and Sao Paolo, teaching about the future of the internet.

We are partners on this website because we believe that the power of the internet, applied to automobiles, is humanity’s next great technology.

We are building a list of the critical engineers and architects of this technology.

We also plan to launch a US SEC-compliant security offering to create the “‘Bluetooth” of the automobile transportation grid.


Because networking cars unlocks remarkable fuel saving features such as platooning, like birds in migration that take turns in the lead.

Networked platoons also gain leverage to economically negotiate with urban infrastructure like traffic lights and toll booths, to bring logic to transportation and logistics.

We live on a finite planet, and technology can minimize our ecological footprint, while maximizing the human benefits.

I am the entrepreneur who created AmericanStonecraft.com, and you can see my full resume at www.GeraldCroteau.com or read my blog at g3c.com.


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