Hi, I’m Gerald.

My father, Jerry Croteau registered this site.

He was a cool guy and did stuff.

Today, crazy cool technology tools exist.

And we are on the dawn of AI virtual assistants, the personal API.

My dream is to use personal APIs to network cars with the people who interface around those related assets. Buildings, smalls businesses, and the people who travel.

Ok, now think of the license plate. Networking information around that plate, could unlock lots of tools.

Safety protecting, community building, fuel savings, and socializing.

Networked communities are also local voters, and gain leverage to economically negotiate with urban infrastructure like traffic lights and toll booths.

Carweb will bring logic and AI to negotiations between constituencies of transportation and logistics. In essenence, what we call City. Or Urban Planning.

I created the craft studio, American Stonecraft ®, publish,, and can be reached at

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